Community Achievements

Here we will go over the achievements that we have achieved in

2012 - Fed 2,200 children meals (so far).

2011 - Fed 3,000 via partnership with the Corpus Christi food bank.  Contributed To Hilda Karina Torres Huaman

2010 - Funded 400 backpacks of food to be sent home with less fortunate children each weekend so that they have healthy food to eat while not in school. Contributed To Hilda Karina Torres Huaman.

2009 - Fed 10,000, Large Load Of Groceries For Family In Need, School Supplies For Children, Christmas Presents For Family In Need, Contributed To Hilda Karina Torres Huaman monthly and sent presents.

2008 - Fed 3,000, Christmas Presents For Pre-Teen Girl, Christmas Dinner For Family In Need.