MicahsLight.com Assistance Programs


Food For The Hungry In South Texas

This program works with local foodbanks and other food based assistance programs to bring food to famlies that cannot afford to feed themselves.  This program also provides food to church store rooms.

Food For School Children To Get Through The Weekend

This program is fronted by local foodbanks in South Texas and helps children who go home from school every weekend to be hungry.  They are given a backpack filled with healthy food to help them make it through the weekend.  Best of all, a great many of these children are on the school funded meals program during the school day so they get to eat during the week as well.  This helps fill in that two day gap each week.

School Supplies For Children In Corpus Chirsti Who Cannot Afford Them

This is a program that is done on a small scale for families we find that are in need during our interaction in the Corpus Christi community.  We personally look for children in need and provide all of the basics such as binders, paper, notebooks, pens, penchils, rulers, colored pencils, pencil sharpeners, etc.

Christmas Dinner & Presents For Corpus Christi Families In Need

Another of our smaller scale, intimate programs in which we look for families in need during the holidays.  In some cases, this may be a single parent who has no money for presents for their children in which we provide gifts, and in some cases this may be a family without money for Christmas dinner in which we deliver the groceries for a full Christmas spread.

Bible Distribution

Whenever possible, we try to provide a bible for each person that we affect so that they can come closer to the Lord and Jesus Christ.  In some situations, such as foodbank alliances, it's not possible to do this but wherever possible, we work to accomplish this objective.

Hilda Karina Torres Huaman


We have started sponsoring a beautiful little girl named Hilda Karina Torres Huaman in Peru.  She lives in a rural farming village and is an only child.

Hilda is four and a half years old and runs small errands to help her parents in their daily living.

Her mother is a homemaker and her father is a famrning laborer which means they have very little money to provide for Hilda.  We provide enough money to cover food, water, and basic vitamins to Hilda each month.